Shaggy-Do Where Are You?


Shaggy showed up on the streets of Panajachel over a year ago. Poor guy was skin and bones and had only tufts of fur here and there on his body, nothing on his ears and face. He was already fully grown with a sweet, gentle personality.

Since then, Shaggy was sterilized and vaccinated during a local clinic and several friends feed and keep an eye on him. Ayuda provides him with worm and flea medications on a regular basis.  His fur has grown back but is very dry and brittle.

A good friend of the Ayuda program donated a bottle of DermCaps over the weekend, so today, Shaggy will begin some treatments to restore his fur even more!

Look For Shaggy-Do at the Mercado and on Santander! He’s a little shy, but a really nice boy!

3 thoughts on “Shaggy-Do Where Are You?”

  1. Hi JoAnne,

    How nice to hear from you! Ole Shaggy is a special guy. I really love him and if we didn’t have 6 at home already, he’d be with me! Can you imagine Harold with 6 dogs! We are definitely at our limit as are most of the animal lovers that live at the Lake! Thus, TNR.

    Hugs to you and yours!

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