Sweet Dulce


When we first saw Dulce, she was running scared dodging honking taxis on one of Panajachel’s busiest streets.  She had two large open wounds under each of her front legs,  an obvious infestation of fleas and possible mange, pot-bellied with a tiny waist, walking on her forepaws from malnutrition, and was being angrily “shooed” away by sidewalk food vendors.   This was all happening in an area where many dogs have been hit and received severe grease burns for the exact behavior that she was showing.  We knew that this little girl was in danger and needed our help.

After a thorough exam by Dr. Miguel, the news was good! Her mange was minimal and her wounds manageable.  She spent the weekend at the Zoo Mascota hospital where she was treated for her multiple ailments,  sterilized, and vaccinated.

A few days later she was ready to be released.  However, she was also quite the lucky little dog because we were able to put her into a foster home arrangement for awhile.  We felt this was needed for further rehabilitation before letting her loose in a safe area near one of our feeding stations.


Three weeks later she is now fully healed.  We gave her the name Dulce because she is so sweet.   Dulce is approximately 4 months old, very polite,  and would love to find a forever home to get a real chance at “la vida dulce”, the sweet life.

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