Brutus No Mas Brute


Meet Brutus.  That’s what we’re calling him, although he hardly seems to be anything but a timid soul these days.   Judging by the style of the heavy duty collar that is rotting on his neck, at one time in his life he might have been someone’s guardian watch dog.   Perhaps people moved away and left him behind.  Or perhaps he has some impoverished human companions who simply can’t afford to be mindful of his diet and health.

German Shepherds are not very common in our area.  And homeless ones are even more rare.  But this big boy showed up one day at our Navidad feeding station.   We don’t know exactly when it was that he realized that he could find food every day if he returned to this same spot.  But one day he was there hiding in the bushes and waiting for someone to leave something good to eat.

The first very noticeable thing about Brutus was how underweight he is.  A Shepherd his size should be around 85 pounds.  But he probably weighs in at less than 55 pounds.   And it’s not easy to tell his age.  From the hard life he’s likely had, Brutus is probably a lot younger than the years of wear and tear he shows.

He has been getting worm treatment mixed into his food.   And every time he’s seen he gets extra large portions of food, as well. Hopefully these simple measures are helping him to feel healthier and get to a respectable German Shepherd’s weight.

Brutus will probably not object to some flea treatment.  But he’s getting a little more time to get used to human kindness from strangers before being handled when there’s food in front of him.  He’d probably be glad to lose his heavy rotting collar too. But time is also being allowed to see if any humans emerge who can tell us the hidden story of the life of Brutus.


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