Yet Another Chico

Don C operates the licuado stand where Mamushka lives.   As he was getting an update on her condition the other day he said that a new dog had recently shown up.  Like Mamushka, this one was also very sickly and obviously without any companion.

The next day, there he was, right across the street.   Looking terribly frightened, famished, and dodging the passing buses.

With all too familiar eyes, he looked up as if to say  Someone!  Please please help me!  I am starving!

Some food was placed on a level area just up off the street and out of harms way.  Very timidly, he looked up at the food, and then with all his strength his front legs desperately pulled his frail body up the short steps as fast as he was able.   It was such a sad sight to see his hind legs clawing the concrete to get up to where the food was placed for him.    This dog was so hungry and so fearful that he didn’t even allow himself a secure space to stand while he ate.   His hind legs remained perched and shaking right on the edge of the step as he ravenously went for the kibble.  With each bite he looked around nervously like he was expecting to be struck or chased away at any second.

Chico's first sighting   22-Jun-09
Chico's first sighting 22-Jun-09

He didn’t seem to have any problems with being given the name Chico.    He gladly accepted a pill for intestinal worms, as well as a monthly flea treatment.

Perhaps Chico has worked his way down from the city dump up on the mountain.   Perhaps he was born and lives by the river and has become so desperate for food that he’s left his weedy sanctuary in dangerous broad daylight.

Whatever Chico’s story, he has now worked his way onto Ayuda’s radar and into our hearts.  We’ve scheduled him for a visit to Dr. Miguel’s in 2 weeks after he’s had more routine feedings and neighborhood care.

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