C’est Magnifique!

This month of July is getting off to a great start.

Marcel and Marcelle have returned to Guatemala for a brief visit, and bearing wonderful gifts and news from our fellow animal lovers in France.

Generous donations of Euros have been delivered and most gratefully received.  These include our first ongoing monthly pledge!  Very fondly to all who contributed,  Merci Beaucoup.

Frederico  3-Jul-09
Frederico 3-Jul-09
Little Boy
Little Boy 3-Jul-09
P P 3-Jul-09

These donations are being put to immediate use.  We received them last night and this morning three of our favorite street dogs were brought to Dr. Miguel.   We’ve been watching and waiting for the right moment to corral  Little Boy, P P, and Frederico, and today was the day!  These kids are regulars of the courtyard in front of Panajachel’s Catholic Church.    Today, all three were caught, neutered, vaccinated, and released by the end of the day.   At this writing, all are recovering nicely under the watchful eyes of  human regulars of the church’s courtyard.   Leaving these volunteers with pain killers and cream for the stitches, we know the dogs are in the safe hands of their friendly human neighbors.  But now, much healthier.  Thanks to them and to you for making community events like this happen for the homeless.

Through your help, we are now able to increase our weekly rates of spay/neuters for July.  Please watch for upcoming front page stories of animals we work with, enabled so much through your kindness.

In addition, we will be able to replenish our food supplies, which are being consumed at ever increasing rates.

And on top of  the Euro donations, Marcel and Marcelle brought us a bag full of stylish and sturdy collars and leashes.    Know that these will make some poor dogs happy as their caring families receive them as very nice gifts.

Leashes and Collars from France
Leashes and Collars from France

Thank you very much to our new French connections!  Please rest assured that your support is being put to good use and helps to make a difference.


Are you planning a visit to Guatemala?

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