Layed Back Lassie

Lassie gets a collar from Selaine 6-Jul-09

The courtyard in front of the Panajachel Catholic Church is an open public area of non-stop energy.  It is home base to many dogs and impoverished people, as well.

And as a community center, the animals and people who spend so much of their time there also look out for each other.

The other day we were successful in rounding up 3 out of 4 special dogs for treatments.  Lassie had somehow managed to make herself conveniently absent when her friends Frederico, PP, and Little Boy made their escorted journey to Dr. Miguel’s.

We asked one of our courtyard volunteers to keep an eye out for Lassie.  After contacting us, and as promised, this morning he was at the church with Lassie by his side.

Perhaps a bit reluctantly after chatting with her doggie buds, Lassie did make the escorted walk to Zoo Mascota.  We’re happy to report that today she was vaccinated and sterilized.  This evening she is spending a quiet indoor night of recovery.  Tomorrow morning Lassie will be released to her home base, with her friends, and under the watchful eyes of caring human neighbors.

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors and supporters.  Through your contributions we are able to help dogs like Lassie to live healthier and happier lives.

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