Introducing Rosa

Rosa carrying 30lb of dog food on her head
Rosa carrying dog food on her head 6-Jul-09

Anyone who has ever been to the Guatemala Highlands has seen the indigenous women dressed in their brightly colored trajes, and carrying all kinds of things on their heads.

Rosa is our friend and neighbor.  By day she takes care of others in an indigenous neighborhood on the other side of Panajachel’s river.

In addition to caring for people, Rosa has taken in 7 homeless dogs, and  regularly feeds 7 others in the Jucanya neighborhood where she spends so many of her days.

As best as we have been able, Ayuda has contributed food to Rosa to help her with dog feedings.

Today, through some recent donations received from France, we went to Rosa’s with a big bag of dog food.  Unfortunately, no one came to the door.   But as we were driving home who did we see in our own neighborhood but Rosa walking to Jucanya.  We stopped the truck and showed her the food we were bringing her.  Obviously, she was very happy.

But rather than accept an offer for a ride, she wrapped the big bag of food in a piece of textile and proceeded on her way, easily and naturally carrying the heavy bundle on her head.

Ayuda salutes and acknowledges Rosa as a valuable member of the community.  She has been helping homeless animals since long before we came along.    It is an honor and pleasure to be able to work with locals like Rosa as we all do what we can to help each other help the helpless.

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