How Many Street Dogs Need to be Sterilized?

…and where are the best places to find them?

Finding answers to questions like these were the objectives of a special workshop this past week.  The workshop was co-hosted by WSPA and Ayuda, and led by Dr. Monica from WSPA’s Central America Headquarters in Costa Rica.

sta cat workshop
Santa Catarina Workshop 19-Aug-09

Over the course of two days,  animal survey techniques were learned by members of several Lake Atitlan non-profit groups, the local Health Department, and concerned citizens.  The workshop was broken into two parts. The first part was an interactive classroom session during which Dr. Monica explained the latest methods to gather good animal populace information, and then how to apply the information for a geographic area, such as an entire village.   In order to get an effective hands-on learning experience, the medium-sized and isolated village of Santa Catarina was chosen for the workshop.

Lungi and Alma cateloging a street dog citing  20-Aug-09
Lungi and Alma cataloging a street dog 20-Aug-09

For the second part of the workshop, small teams were formed to survey all of  Santa Catarina’s neighborhoods.   Each team took a section of the village and recorded a set of information about each roaming dog they encountered.   The teams then reconvened and shared their findings with each other as Dr. Monica summarized.  Using a set of statistical formulas, the summary of findings are then applied to better understand and prioritize the health care work to be done within the village.

All members of the workshop left with new knowledge, materials, and hands-on experience to effectively survey and manage the animal populace in other villages and territories.

Thank you, Dr. Monica, for coming all the way to Guatemala and helping our territory to learn the latest techniques. And thank you to all members of our local communities who attended the workshop and continue to help our lowest class citizens;  the roaming street animals.

The workshop was held at Hotel Villa Santa Catarina.

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