La Navidad Nike

Breakfast at Navidad   23-Aug-09
Breakfast for 2 at Navidad 23-Aug-09

Ayuda supplies food for at least seven daily feeding stations in Panajachel.  Each station is located in an area which is out of harms way from traffic and other human dangers.

In addition to a safe place for food, the stations are used to discover new animals, as well as to base-line future surgery patients, and to administer medical treatments and dietary supplements.

Feeding Station Navidad is supplied twice each day for an average of 7 dogs per feeding.  The number of dogs who await the feeder can vary based on his arrival time.  By purposely varying the arrival times, survey taking becomes more consistent in determining which dogs are most likely homeless, and which are the most needy.

Nike rules Navidad  23-Aug-09
Nike rules Navidad 23-Aug-09

Nike showed herself at Navidad for the first time about two weeks ago. Before then she had been hiding in the bushes.

We call her Nike because she is such a good sneaker.

However, since she has taken to more comfortably showing herself, very few of the other regular dogs get to eat while she is there.   And she is now there all the time.

Feeding the other dogs has become a bit of a game in which the feeder must try to cover more spread out meals while Nike keeps trying to claim and protect all of them from the other dogs at the same time.  Eventually everybody running around settles down as Nike returns to the biggest meal, which was the first and served just to her.  This process occurs twice each day.

We are certain that Nike is homeless.  She is currently lactating and we do not know where her puppies are located.  It is difficult to tell her age and how many litters she has already had.  But it would appear to have been many.

She is also very undernourished so we sneak additional supplements into her daily regime.  We hope to build her up by the time she finishes lactating so that she will be ready for sterilization.  And we hope to find someone like you who would be willing to sponsor her for that surgery and vaccination.  Please contact us if you would like to help Nike and others like her.

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