Mamushka’s Big Day

Mamushka Jun27

After many long months of battling a life threatening disease, Mamushka has moved onto her new life.

Mamushka, the well known Panajachel street dog, has been living and convalescing at the home of Selaine and Harold for the past few months.  During this time she has been undergoing extended treatment and recovery from a large cancerous canine venereal tumor.  Click here to read the original post about Mamushka.

This has been a long and delicate process during which extra care was taken to not allow Mamushka to join the established pack of resident dogs.   Over time, Mamushka’s tumor gradually shrank as she lived comfortably in a stress free environment.  Her body also built up nicely from a steady diet of healthy food and added nutrients.

Dr. Miguel and vet student Astrid give Mamushka a final check up  25-Aug-09
Dr. Miguel and vet student Astrid give Mamushka a final check up 25-Aug-09

Finally, last week, the decision was made for Mamushka to receive a double treatment while on the operating table.  The remnants of her tumor were surgically removed, and she was sterilized.  A few days later, it was if she was a whole new dog.  And as an added bonus, she had a nice family waiting to adopt her.

But before going to her new home, Mamushka needed one last visit to Dr. Miguel’s for a final exam.  After Miguel’s blessings and warm goodbyes from the Zoo Mascota staff, Mamushka was one step closer to her new life.   Next stop, her old stomping grounds.

One last visit to her old stomping grounds  25-Aug-09
One last visit to her old stomping grounds 25-Aug-09

Don C, who runs the liquado stand where Mamushka used to call her home, had asked Selaine if he could see Mamushka after her recovery and before she went to live with a family.  So Mamushka went from the doctor’s office back to her old street dog haunt.

The area in front of  Centro de Salud was busy, as was the liquado stand with Don C and his family.  But no one seemed to recognize Mamushka.

Not having seen her since the day Selaine grabbed her many months ago,  the reaction of her old friends was, “This is Mamushka?  She looks wonderful!”, and “She got fat“.   (But we prefer to say she looks healthy.)

It was quite apparent that Mamushka was happy to see her former home base and old human neighbors.  Even though on her first leash and collar, she had a definite prance in her step.  After more goodbyes and well wishes were said, Mamushka was off to her third and final stop for the day–her new home.

Kate and Clark welcome Mamushka to her new home   24-Aug-09
Kate and Clark welcome Mamushka to her new home 25-Aug-09

Kate and Clark are a new couple to Panajachel.   When we first met they were thinking about adopting a dog.   One day while she was still undergoing treatments, Mamushka went for a short visit to Kate and Clark’s beautiful property.

Everyone seemed to get along nicely so plans were struck to complete the adoption as soon as Mamushka had fully recovered from her final cancer treatment, sterilization, and vaccinations.  And today was the day!

On behalf of Mamushka, thank you immensely to everyone who has supported her over these past months.  We will miss seeing her on the streets.  But we feel very good in knowing that Mamushka and her new family will have a wonderful life together.

1 thought on “Mamushka’s Big Day”

  1. Our new dog is such a gentle being and we will be blessed by her presence. However, the name “Mamushka” just didn’t seem to fit her personality. After asking permission from Selaine and Harold, we renamed her “Xela” (Shaela). She is now sitting close to us with her front paws crossed, looking like the lady she is. Thank you Selaine and Harold for all the good work you do here for the 4-legged lake beings.

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