San Pedro Lillie

Lillie de San Pedro  26-Aug-09
Lillie de San Pedro 26-Aug-09

Lillie is a homeless dog who lives in the village of San Pedro, which is situated on the opposite shores from Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.   Like so many roaming street animals in our region, Lillie has human friends who watch over and care about her.   She is only about six of seven months old and has never had a litter.

By way of a friend in La Antigua, we recently came to learn about this dog.  Her neighborhood friends in San Pedro had reported that Lillie was in heat and in the company of unkind feral males.    People who care about this homeless animal wanted to do something for her,  so Ayuda was called to see if we could help.

Arrangements to sterilize Lillie were made possible through a kind sponsor.  Lillie was brought to Panajachel on a water taxi by her friend Victoria and received the standard Ayuda treatments.  She then spent a quiet night indoors at Zoo Mascota, and the next day returned to her home base of the San Pedro community where her caring friends awaited her.   Lillie now has a fair chance at a healthier, longer, and less stressful life on the streets.

1 thought on “San Pedro Lillie”

  1. Thank you for your help and generosity with Lilly.
    She is now staying in either the house or gardens of her friends who both work at one of the restaurants near the Pana dock in San Pedro. They are taking care of her medicine and food and watching over her.

    It was great to read her story in the Ayuda news, thanks Selaine !
    As you said, “one less doomed female” — Hooray !
    She won’t have to have a litter every six months or so, and turn all haggard and drained. … .

    On both lancha rides, (her very first and second) she just curled up in my lap, totally sweet and trusting. The ride over to Pana was distressingly bumpy, but Lilly seemed to have a harder time with her first tuk tuk ride–it was the engine noise that got her.
    The ride back was totally calm and tranquil !!

    Yay for us all getting it together to help Lilly, and thank you for your contributions !!


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