Chico’s Progress

New and Improved Chico 30-Aug-09

Check out Chico! Thanks to your donations, this little boy is growing up and filling out nicely! After internal and external parasite treatments, daily food with some vitamins and oil supplements along with Ayuda’s standard vaccinations, Chico’s lookin’ happy and confident!

If you are not familiar with Chico and would like to see his “Before” picture, click here.

Since we first published the story about the day we found Chico we have come to discover that he is not homeless.  In following him one day we found that he has a human family.   However, the family cannot afford to spend any money on Chico so he is let loose in the streets every day to forage for his own food.

Ayuda volunteers have spoken with Chico’s companions several times to encourage sterilization, but they will not relinquish due to their cultural beliefs.  However, they are agreeable to our feeding him as we see him (which is daily), as well as other basic treatments which we have been administering on a scheduled basis.

Our street care for Chico continues, as best as we are able, and with hopes that as our relationship with his family progresses we will be able to get him sterilized one day to keep him safe from deadly street diseases such as STD cancer.

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