The Pups of Las Cavernas

Las Cavernas 4-Sep-09
Las Cavernas 18-Aug-09

Las Cavernas is another of Ayuda’s daily feeding stations.   In keeping with our standards of safety to the dogs, this area is also a haven for many feral animals.

The feeding station gets its name from many cave-like nooks which homeless dogs claim for their own.  Many births have happened in Las Cavernas.  Many homeless pups are nursing there at this writing.

Home Sweet Home  4-Sep-09
Home Sweet Cave 18-Aug-09

Ayuda volunteer Marilena has been maintaining Las Cavernas feeding station.  She has enrolled the support of restaurant and tienda owners, as well as other locals who spend much of their time around the San Marcos docks of Panajachel.  These citizens keep caring eyes out for the dogs.  They have told us of incidents where they have chased away intruding humans who tried to harrass and even take away some of the very young puppies.

Charo 31-Aug-09
Charo 31-Aug-09

Pictured on the right is Charo.  She is one of a recent litter of Las Cavernas puppies.  Charo and her sister Conchita have moved up from their cave and settled under Marta’s dockside tienda.  Their mother’s name is Blanci.  We have scheduled Blanci and her 2 pups for sterilization next week after her puppies are done chewing on her.  The green on Charo’s nose is  worming medication which had been added to her food.

Dr. Miguel treats Conchita with Marilena  4-Sep-09
Dr. Miguel treats Conchita with Marilena 4-Sep-09

Dr. Miguel recently accompanied Ayuda on a field trip to Las Cavernas.  With his vaccinations in tow, 1 adult dog (Blanci) and 8 puppies were vaccinated against local deadly diseases.  The puppies will be given Rabies vaccines as they are older and when we have them sterilized.  Blanci will also be vaccinated against Rabies when she is sterilized next week.

Lucia and her pups under an old boat  4-Sep-09
Lucia and her pups under an old boat 4-Sep-09

Six of the vaccinated puppies belong to Lucia.  She and her pups have been living under an old boat situated just above the edge of the caves.  We learned about their hiding spot from the guardian of the boat yard next door.  Like his neighboring business owners, Gerardo also cares about the well being of the dogs he sees every day in his community.

Community interest at Lucia's boat  4-Sep-09
Community curiosity at Lucia's boat 4-Sep-09

The day’s walking vaccination clinic drew a small crowd of attention, including a happenstance meeting with a new friend from the western shore village of Santa Cruz.

Coincidentally, from her frequent boat trips to Panajachel, Merlina had come to know Lucia (under a different name) and recently took her to Zoo Mascota herself for the vaccination suite.   What a great surprise to find another local person who does things for the street animals!  We look forward to working with Merlina on future projects.

Las Cavernas is just one more area of Panajachel where Ayuda provides shelter-type services to homeless animals.  It is filled with opportunities to make a positive difference.  And it is growing with new opportunities everyday.  Unfortunately, our resources remain very limited.   As our funding permits, we will see to the health and well being of as many homeless animals from Las Cavernas and  throughout our region as we are able.

All donations which we receive go 100% towards the animals.

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