Bounty Docs

WANTED!  REWARD! ("who?  me?")
WANTED! REWARD! ("Huh? Who? Me?")

Today Ayuda began a prototype for a new education program.  If the prototype proves successful then the new program will become generally available to Guatemalan vet students and vet technicians.

The new program is being called Bounty Docs.  The essence of Bounty Docs is to enable future vets with hands on experience in the wrangling and treatment of feral street animals.  The students will be challenged to maintain a steady stream of ferals, to meet a treatment rate of 10 sterilizations per week, over a continuous 52 week period.

The source of the animals for the sterilizations will be limited to roaming animals who are physically prepared for surgery.   In addition to capturing, a Bounty Doc must also apply responsible pre-op and post-op care.

If all conditions are satisfactorily met, a Bounty Doc will receive a cash bounty for each roaming animal which they successfully see through full treatment and release.

Ayuda will prioritize the targeted geographic areas for the Bounty Docs to cover, as well as assist with special equipment, such as blow pipe tranquilizers, nets, and transport.

The prototype is planned to complete in two weeks.  At that time a Go/No-Go decision will be made for a full deployment of Bounty Docs.

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