Dinga Numero Uno

Dinga on her way to treatments 23-Sep-09

Sweet little Dinga is yet another homeless dog who lives around the docks.

Besides having her own interesting story to tell, we are proud to declare Dinga as our official First Dog in support of the grant we were recently awarded to sterilize 500 animals.

Dinga and several of her friends just received the standard Ayuda treatments, bringing our countdown to T minus 495, and counting.

Judging from her young teeth, we estimate Dinga to be about 2 years old.  From the condition of other parts of her body, it would seem like she has had 3 or more litters.  She is one more perfect example of the many shy and sweet  Guatemalan chuchos who wander the streets and alleys in search of food and family.

According to her human neighbors, Dinga was hit by a truck around the middle of August.  This accident happened at a time when she was very pregnant and perhaps hours away from delivering.  She apparently went into instant labor as the neighbors described her as “exploding”.

Dinga and Rojolito first discovered  5-Sep-09
Dinga and Rojolito first discovered 5-Sep-09

Only Dinga and one of her puppies survived the truck.  She took the puppy deep into las cavernas and hid him until he could come out on his own.

We call the puppy Rojolito.  He is scheduled for treatment next week when he is a bit older.   We are happy to report that Rojolito has a family willing to adopt him.

And we are happy to report that Rojolito’s mother, Dinga, can now begin a much healthier life as she leads the way for many more to follow.

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