Volunteer Isabel

Isabel  2-Oct-09
Isabel 2-Oct-09

Isabel has recently joined the ranks of Ayuda community volunteers.

A native resident of Panajachel, Isabel has been studying Social Economics in one of Guatemala’s universities.   In 2008 she earned her Bachelor Degree and is actively looking for employment in her chosen field.

Isabel is a long time animal lover.  She has been daily feeding 5-7 street dogs in her neighborhood.  Isabel learned about Ayuda over this past summer and came to us asking for help with dog food supplies.

Isabel immediately signed on to become one of Ayuda’s daily feeding stations.  Most of her station’s feral dogs are now physically ready for sterilization and will be treated this week.

Isabel was also an active participant in the WSPA/Ayuda Survey Workshop.

Pictured below are some of the roaming dogs which Isabel cares for daily and will be treated this week.


1 thought on “Volunteer Isabel”

  1. I known Isabel, she likes so much animal specially dogs, an she has been sudying Social Work in Panamericana University at Solola. Congratulations for her, and to Ayuda, I think help dogs is a wonderful work. I´m sorry for my english.

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