Family Success Story

cumatz exploring
Cumatz checking out her new digs

We recently received some photos from our friend Mer.  The pictures are of Cumatz, a former street dog, who is now doing very well living on Mer’s property.

When Ayuda first discovered this dog we called her Lucia.  She was found nursing a litter of new puppies beneath the hull of an old boat.

But we soon came to learn that mama dog had a friendly sponsor.   As a lake commuter, Mer had come to know this dog very well, named her Cumatz,  and was planning on adopting Cumatz to her home in a western shore village.  In fact, Mer had already brought this homeless dog to Dr. Miguel to begin her vaccination series, and then returned Cumatz to her home base as a temporary measure.

cumatz guardian
Cumatz the guardian

With birds-of-a-feather common interests, Mer and Ayuda teamed up to care for this beautiful new family.

Temporary shelter was created near the family’s home base.   At the right time, Cumatz was moved to her new home in a village which is only accessible by boat.  Volunteer Marilena fostered (and sang to) the puppies in her home.  All family members were sterilized and fully vaccinated.  And last but not least, all of the puppies went to the homes of families which Ayuda interviewed.

Overall, a story book ending for a beautiful family of homeless dogs.

cumatz at ease
Cumatz enjoying the good life

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