More Room at the Inn

Concrete and heavy steel, in a safe and quiet place, provide secure temporary housing for street dogs undergoing and recovering from treatments. 6-Nov-09

Construction completed today on new housing for pre-op and post-op animals.

Through a WSPA equipment grant, 2 secure kennels are now available to provide good short-term quarters for street animals who require close care during their treatment periods.  The new kennels are located at Ayuda’s headquarters.

Although they are typically lightweight mid-sized dogs, the Guatemalan chuchos have been known to be extraordinary in their determination to break free from confinements.  Many heavy duty travel kennels and chain links have given way to stubborn teeth and relentless tugging by street dogs determined to be free and roaming.

We believe the design and construction of these new kennels is sufficiently durable, dry, comfortable, and maintainable for proper sanitization.

The kennels are expected to bring benefits to both Ayuda and Zoo Mascota.  By Ayuda temporarily housing more of the animals we are having treated, Dr. Miguel will have an improved capacity for admitting more critical patients into his hospital.  The new kennels will benefit Ayuda through savings in hospital boarding expenses which would otherwise be necessary.

Thank you, WSPA, for helping to enable the growth and visions of our young and growing program.

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