The Heat is On, again

Paloma recovering from a complicated sterilization procedure after being pulled from a pack of crazed males. 19-Apr-10

Another period of female dogs in heat is underway.

The good news is that the number of reports and sightings of wanton dog packs has steadily lowered in comparison to the past.  But the bad news is that the number of sexually crazed males within a pack has become more concentrated and threatening.

One by one, as Ayuda discovers the unruly packs, the female is wrangled out and taken in for sterilization.   However, many times conditions do not allow this to happen.   When attacks to humans are at risk, the females are logged and reported to community volunteers so that they can be captured at a safer time when the female is alone.

Until recently, this approach has been progressively successful.  Statistically, the number of street females in heat has steadily dropped.   We believe that a significant factor for this reduction has been through community awareness of the benefits of sterilization, as well as the growing community awareness of Ayuda itself.

Unfortunately, there remains a significant reluctance in the neighborhoods to neuter male dogs.  As a result, even though there are now relatively less unsterilized females on the streets, those which do go into heat draw much larger groups of male suitors.   We have also discovered that many of the pursuing males are not dogs with which Ayuda is familiar.  Instead, rather than homeless dogs, the pursuing males are often escapees from private homes who are driven to the streets by the scent of a passing female.

The primary issue with sterilizing male dogs is largely cultural.  Male dogs are wanted as family guardians.  But a guardian without testicles is viewed as weak and ineffective.

For the past 6 months Ayuda has been seeking a solution for the local cultural issues of male dog neutering.  Through a scholarship provided by ACC&D (Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs), Ayuda made arrangements to send Dr. Miguel to a recent professional symposium in Dallas, Tx.   The primary purpose of the symposium was to introduce a new method of sterilization without surgery.   From Ayuda’s view, a primary benefit of this method is that male dogs can be neutered and still keep their testicles.

As with any new method or technology, the new technique is not without its controversy and issues to be resolved.   However, Dr. Miguel returned from the symposium with enthusiasm and encouragement that a solution to our immediate problem may soon be at hand.   Stay tuned to this website for future updates on this topic.

Thank you ACC&D and Karen Green for including Ayuda in the scope of your valuable project.  And a very special Thank You for making it possible for Ayuda’s local veterinarian to participate in your important conference.

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