“Cat” and kittens

Front to back: Piggy, Monkey and KittyBoy

Two out of three little orphans found scared and hungry near their mother’s lifeless body are now safe in loving new homes.

The neighborhood kids in Jucanya quickly learned that Ayuda volunteers living close by were available to help with dog and cat emergencies.  As they led Julia to these 3 kittens, they told her that the mother was killed because she kept having kittens.  Also that there were 7 kittens in the litter but 4 had already been taken by other kids from the neighborhood.  No one knows exactly where they are today.

KittyBoy left this world rather quickly after discovery. He just couldn’t muster the strength he needed to survive and suffered from a genetic problem that made it very hard for him to lick or suck.  Also, they all were so covered with fleas that when bathed, they bled from the many wounds.

Monkey with his new human companion Max

Happy news: Monkey and Piggy are thriving, playful kitties living in new homes! They were adopted within a week of their discovery.


Miss Cat

Miss Cat has her own sad tale to tell.  When she was discovered, a young girl was kicking at her limp body on the side of the road.  An Ayuda volunteer happened along and saw that the cat was not dead but in terrible shape.

After a few days of rest, IV fluids and antibiotics, Miss Cat began to eat and behave more normally for her young age.  Then as Dr. Miguel lifted her out of the hospital kennel to give her a final exam before going to a foster home, something was very strange.  She was meowing wildly and turning in circles.  Dr. Miguel lifted her tail and out fell a placenta. Poor Miss Cat had miscarried one kitten and it had not aborted properly. No wonder she was so sick!

Miss Cat lounging in her favorite spot at Ayuda Headquarters

Miss Cat continues to improve in her foster home and once fully recovered from her failed pregnancy, she will receive the standard care package for cats.  We hope to find a good home for Miss Cat.  She’s really been through a tough time and is still very young.

1 thought on ““Cat” and kittens”

  1. These stories break my heart. Wish I could help more, but I can’t. I hope you find good homes for them and that those who harmed and killed the cats get what they deserve.

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