Ayuda! Needs Ayuda!


Dear friends,

Ayuda! needs your help immediately. Please join our campaign to raise a steady stream of funds for one of the most needed commodities: Food.

We need 30 people to say:
“Yes, I Can Give $15/month!”

 Our volunteers use food to develop trusted relationships with homeless animals so that they can then care for them on a broader basis and capture them for sterilization with far less fear.


We feed hungry, roaming dogs on the streets and beaches of Panajachel, Jucanya and Sta. Catarina daily.

We also offer impoverished families dried pet foods at a reduced rate with one big stipulation, all the dogs and cats within the household must be sterilized to qualify for this service. If Ayuda! Is unable to continue this vital part of our program, many animals will go hungry on a diet of moldy tortillas and trash. Then the trouble begins again because no one likes to see broken bags of garbage strewn through the streets! By working with the families on health care and food, we can then encourage them to keep their pets at home.

While we fortunately continue to receive cash donations for professional vet services and in-kind contributions of supplies and local support through bartering, we have to straight-up pay for food. We currently spend approximately $400/mo. on pet foods. We fully expect the need and the price tag to go up this year as services are expanded to new animals and families.

Please help us keep this life-saving part of our program alive for the sake of the animals!


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