Record Breakers!

Ayuda is very pleased to announce the results of a series of record breaking clinics this past week. 173 animals received medical treatments through the collaboration of our latest visit by a team of World Vets veterinarians and vet techs, and the tireless work of volunteers from Santa Cruz, Jaibalito, San Marcos Laguna, San Pedro,… Continue reading Record Breakers!

Slippery Xenii Now a Mother

Oh, how we tried to catch Xenii! We tried with a trap, we tried tackling, we tried medication, we tried to corner her in a hotel parking lot. She would have none of it! So, naturally Xenii became pregnant and disappeared into the hills. We wondered when and where she would reappear. Would she be… Continue reading Slippery Xenii Now a Mother

Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males

Submitted by: Julia S., 12 May 10 Bippy is a shy, small street dog from the Jucanya side of Panajachel.   There is a small crew of dogs here that look just like her, including my own dog Bali and a recently neutered male named Skippy, that’s how she came to be called Bippy.  I had… Continue reading Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males

An Important Piece of Work

Larissa is a junior high student here in Panajachel.  She is also an animal lover who cares about the well being of the many street dogs and cats in her community. For her entry into an international science fair, Larissa has published a very impressive study that she conducted over the last weeks. The idea… Continue reading An Important Piece of Work


Mootoo is a 3 year old street dog from Panajachel.   Ayuda had received several calls about this dog as the prevailing heat season has continued.   She had been seen many times in the company of large gangs of male dogs. Like many females in her situation, catching Mootoo was not without its challenges.  Her fear… Continue reading Mootoo