General Health and Wellness Wish List — Easy to pack items that we use every day!

  • ­ FrontlinePlus, AdvantageMulti, Advantix or similar monthly treatments for pups, kittens, dogs and cats
  • ­ Flea & Tick sprays
  • ­ Shampoos — medicated, flea, puppy, kitten and general use
  • ­ Heartgard, Worm Shield, Ivermectin and similar internal parasite medications
  • ­ Broad spectrum antibiotics
  • ­ Rimadyl and other pain medications
  • ­ Antibiotic and skin creams, ointments and oils — Burn Treatments
  • ­ Vitamins of all kinds; Other nutritional supplements
  • ­ Brushes, combs and other grooming supplies
  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin powder or capsules
  • New or gently used collars, leashes and cable trolley dog runs

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